DIAL-A-CITY 2015 in Flint

Chatting about living in the city worldwide.

1) Select one person you would like to talk to.
2) Use the phone provided by the Free City Festival to call that person. The number will already be saved on the phone.
3) Have a conversation about what you see around you, how it is to live in Flint, what you like, what you dream, what you do.
4) The person at the other end of the line will tell you similar stories.
5) That person could be in Asia, Africa, America, Europe. And also USA of course.
6) You can speak in English or some other language.
7) Ask questions, answer questions.
8) When staff from the Free City Festival will signal that the time of your call is over, please hang up and hand the phone back.
9) Come back later, to talk to somebody else!
10) Enjoy. And remember that all speakers are volunteers.

Project presented within the Free City festival in Flint, Michigan, 3-4 July 2015.
Download the proposal here.

Participants (location at the moment of the call): Daniel Tudor Munteanu, Suceava / Romania; Liveinslums, Nairobi / Kenya; Gary Leggett, Quito / Ecuador; Jelena Prokopljevic, Barcelona / Spain; Julia Volcker, Istanbul / Turkey; Manuel de Rivero, Lima / Peru; Pablo Leon de la Barra, Rio de Janeiro / Brazil; Florencia Rodriguez, Buenos Aires / Argentina; Rafael Zamora, Lima / Peru; Bart Lootsma, Innsbruck / Austria; Elian Stefa, Tirana / Albania; Dubravka Sekulic, Belgrade / Serbia; Mimi Zeiger, Los Angeles / USA; Sben Korsh, San Francisco / USA; Ramy Chaari, Tunis / Tunisia; Naomi Shibata, Tokyo / Japan; Armando Oliver Suinaga, Mexico City / Mexico; Rufina Wu, Vancouver / Canada; Luca Galofaro, Rome / Italy; Cristina Goberna, Sidney / Australia; Jackie Jia Lou, Hong Kong; Rachaporn Choochuey, Bangkok / Thailand; Brendan Cormier, London / UK; Rima Nasser, Beirut / Lebanon; Aaron Sprecher, Fox-Amphoux / France; Ariadna Cantis Silberstein, Madrid / Spain, Javier Rojas-Rodriguez, Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia, Enrique Ramirez, San Antonio, USA; Antonie Manolova, Burgas / Bulgaria; Vladimir Miller, Vienna / Austria; Elisa Calosi, Stuttgart / Germany; Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, New York / USA; Carol Coletta, Miami / USA; FIG Projects, Montreal / Canada; Cruz Garcia + Nathalie Frankowski, Beijing / China; Ludovica Tomarchio, Singapore; Ted Wheeler, Omaha / USA; Julie Kondombo, Ouagadodou / Burkina Faso.

FIG Projects participated to to the 2016 edition with the project “10 Instructions to Explore Flint” and to the 2017 edition with the project “Flint World”.


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