10 Instructions to Explore Flint 2016

Follow them and wander through the city of Flint.

Originally produced by gruppo A12 for the 8th Habana Biennale, in Cuba (2003), these 10 brief texts have been edited and adapted to the reality of Flint, Michigan. Participants to the 2016 edition of the Free City Festival, which took place the 19-20 of August at the Chevy Commons site (a former car factory) could grab the printed instructions and then follow them as means to discover or re-discover the city. #FIGFLINT

The instructions can be downloaded here and used for any other context.

FIG Projects participated to the 2015 edition with the project “DIAL-A-CITY” and to the 2017 edition with the project “Flint World”.

DSC06138 DSC06139 DSC06140