A research proposal for UN-CEPAL and a course at Princeton University about urban development in Latin America.

In 2002, we developed a research proposal about the conditions of Latin American cities, submitted to the Santiago office of UN-CEPAL. The project intended the fill the gap of the exhibition Mutations, which had no section dedicated to Latin America. The core concept of the proposal was to have a network of local experts, as in the USE initiative, who would have provided content and interpretations from several nodes in the region.
Some of the key concepts of that proposal were at the base of a research and course titled “Las Ciudades del Boom: Economic Growth, Urban Life and Architecture in the Latin American City”, developed within the Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism & the Humanities, in the Fall Semester 2014.

Download the original proposal in Spanish here.

Download the syllabus of the course at the School of Architecture of Princeton University, here.

The illustration is the famous image by Joaquín Torres García, América Invertida (Inverted Map of South America), 1943.