100 Cities 100 Ideas

Proposal for the Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture 2017.

For the UABB 2017, we propose that 100 existing cities from all the world, will be presented as case studies through a specific project or existing situation that represent a positive solution for urban life.
From each of the examples included in the exhibition it will be possible to “learn” a lesson that can be applied in another place and context.
The constellation of examples, from Africa, America Asia, Europe and Oceania will generate a contemporary atlas of policies, design solutions, urban strategies, technical inventions and citizens participation that can become an inspiration to imagine the future of urban life.

Download the entire proposal here.

Main Curators
FIG Projects, (Fabrizio Gallanti and Francisca Insulza), Montreal, Canada.
Assistant curator
Jingqian Zhang, Shanghai, China.

Bart Lootsma, Inssbruck, Austria.
Florencia Rodriguez, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Robert Somol, Chicago, USA.
Tom Verebes, Hong Kong, China.

Exhibition Design
Map Office, Hong Kong, China.