Onde? in Heliópolis

A new version of Dónde, installed in the Heliópolis favela in São Paulo.

In occasion of the Jornada da Habitação 2012, part of São Paulo Calling an initiative supported by Secretaria Municipal de Habitação – Prefeitura de São Paulo and curated by Stefano Boeri, Dónde was installed in one of the public squares of the Heliópolis favela, becoming a backdrop for the numerous activities that took place there. The original list of question was adapted for the new context, translated into Portuguese and executed by local artists as a set of graffiti.

The documentary Living Stories Heliópolis was presented in the same occasion.

We believe that the definition of a community, composed of locals and visitors, is created through complex process of psychic identification. Onde? intends to enter in resonance with the inner psychic landscape of the citizens and users, in this specific case, of Heliópolis.

The project aims to disseminate the stimulation of personal belonging within public space. A series of questions that confront the viewer with his or her personal experiences allow each person to freely profit from the suggestions these provide. As a whole, its appearance can be perceived as a novel and unexpected communication, which might temporarily divert the attention of by-passers.

Onde? is based on the belief that spaces and sites trigger memories and images that can associate different territories, thus permanently reconstructing the bond between persons and locations.